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88 Miles Per Hour Podcast Episode 50: Wes Craven Tribute/A Nightmare on Elm Street.

September 4, 2015

It's our Tribute episode to Wes Craven, well Sanch and Renata's tribute to Wes Craven. Back on October 16th, 2014. Renata and Sanch recorded an episode on the film, A Nightmare on Elm street. Since all Sanch and Renata would do is repeat themselves if they talked about the film, we decided to re-upload this Flashback episode. In this episode, we hear Renata and Sanch talk about Sanch's Favorite '80s horror film, A Nightmare on Elm Street. A new intro by Sanch has been added. Damn Renata's and Sanch's name is written a lot in this episode summary. 


Hosts Chelsea, Max, and Sanch, get into the DeLorean and take us Back to the '80s to share their love on '80s Pop Culture, video games, random life stories, but we mostly talk about Movies and Music of the '80s.