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88 Miles Per Hour Podcast Episode 45: 30th Anniversary Back to the Future Tribute

July 3, 2015

Where does the DeLorean take us this week: It's our Special Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Tribute episode. On July 3rd, 1985, the Best '80s movie of all time was Released, Back to the Future! Well Sanch's favorite '80s movie of all time. Our podcast name comes from the love of that film. We can't go without doing a tribute episode but how could we talk about the movie with repeating everything that was said in Episode 3? So instead I got EVERY clip where we talked about Back to the Future throughout the year and put them together with our episode of when we did the film back in January 22nd, 2014. So this is 88 Miles Per Hour Podcast's Tribute to the film, Back to the Future. Plus we added a special Song of the Week. 


Hosts Renata, Sanch, and Max get into the DeLorean and take us Back to the '80s to share their love on '80s Pop Culture, video games, random life stories, but we mostly talk about Movies and Music of the '80s.